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Michael Rizzi grew up in the San Francisco bay area where at a young age his love for filmmaking began. His parents bought a Sony a Hi-8 video camera when he was twelve and thus he began experimenting with the moving picture. Video production classes in high school helped him organize his ideas through editing, sound design, and camera work.  He then attended San Diego State University and graduated in 2003 with a degree in Television, Film and New Media where he was honored with the Billy Wilder Excellence in Cinematography Award upon commencement.

Now based in Los Angeles, he has worked steadily as a cinematographer shooting features, television, documentaries, and numerous commercials, promos and music videos both domestically and internationally in dozens of countries in 6 continents.  His features The Sentimental Engine Slayer and Los Chidos and The Unicorn have enjoyed success at the Tribeca and South by Southwest film festivals and various international festivals. 

Michael is a graduate of the ASC Master Class where he honed his skills under ASC members Robert Yeoman, Checco Varese, Curtis Clark, Bill Bennett, Don McCuaig and more.

A strong work ethic, a keen eye for composition and lighting, and a good attitude keep his clients, crew and production teams happy.

Michael lives in Los Angeles with his amazing wife and their two young boys.